Laglio as seen from George Clooney’s villa.

Laglio and its lawns. On the opposite bank lies Careno, where the lake reaches its narrowest point: 650 meters.

Oleandra, the villa owned by George Clooney. It dates back to the eighteenth century and was property of John Heinz, the king of ketchup, whose wife remarried John Kerry, Bush’s challenger during the presidential election of 2004. Despite the presence of the famous actor, Laglio has remained a simple village
still untouched by mass tourism.

The hamlet of Torriggia.

Several shots of the path that links Laglio and Carate, winding through the upper part of the towns.

Numerous small bridges overlook the old road Regina that runs from Laglio to Moltrasio. One of them is used by Clooney to connect his villa to his privately owned gym and small film studio.

By bike along the old road Regina

The village of Laglio. 

Mediterranean palms against the backdrop of the Alpine foothills.