Villa Lucertola ("Lizard" in English) and the cliffs of Sassi Grosgalli, one of the most wild and suggestive points of the Lario. The Bulbari cave (also known as the azure grotto), which does not exist anymore, was just a stone's throw away. The villa is of English origin and traces back to 1898. Today it is private property.

A picturesque small villa at sunset, just beyond the Cavagnola tip.
This part of the lake is still mindful of the ancient medieval legends associated with witchcraft.

Glimpses of captivating beauty during a summer storm.

A rainbow...

Lezzeno in January.

April blooming along the Regia road, a mountain track that runs halfway up the slope
from Lezzeno to Villa Lucertola.

Haven of peace along the Regia road.

Small solitary cottages.

The Lariana provincial road that snakes up and down the mountain into the lake.

The Devil's Bridge, Villa Lucertola (Lizard) and Villa Folletto (Pixie).

Rural environments in upper Lezzeno,
towards the church of the Madonna dei Ceppi.

Rural environments in Lezzeno uphill, towards the church of the Madonna dei Ceppi. 

The old houses of Cendraro.

Lezzeno extends for 7 km along the foot of mount S.Primo. The sun does not visit this hamlet in winter and neither does
the moon in summer.

View over Lezzeno from the tip of mount S.Primo (1685 mt).