Carate boasts the most ancient church of the lake district: Santa Marta. The bell tower with double lancet windows is all that remains of the original church consecrated by Pope Urban II in 1905. The church has undergone several renovations during its lifetime. It is open to the public only on the 29th of July.

Autumn sunset and ancient memories at the cemetery of Santa Marta.

Santa Marta can be reached by climbing a long staircase, continuing towards the village of Cavadino
and the sanctuary of the Trinità.

Solitude and meditation.

The little church of the Trinità.

The garden of the Urio Castle, characterized by terraces, balustrades and statues. The villa was erected in 1600 and was property of the Melzi d’Eryl family, who enjoyed what we would call a lavish mundane life style. The property passed to the consort of Charles Albert and then to count Collobiano, who hosted Victor Emmanuel II.
Today it is a venue for study conferences.

Villa Fuoco, commissioned in 1845 by Sofia Fuoco, prima ballerina of the La Scala theatre.

In front to Carate-Urio...

Groups of youngsters on a Saturday afternoon in the garden.

Vegetable gardens, farmhouses and villas along the road.

Secular stone walls, old roof tiles in an autumn setting.

Winter: a view of the narrow road that connects Urio and Tosnacco.

Mountains of Carate: a belvedere along the path towards the Murelli.