The humble hamlet of Brienno has remained unaltered in its medieval charm.

The arrival of the historical ship. Left: the chimney of the old spinning factory all covered in ivy,
and the funnel of the steamship.

Would you live here?...

Village festival.

The Sanctuary of the Immaculate Madonna.

The “sun-bathing” garden at the feet of the church.

Summer tan.

Ancient traditions and trades are commemorated during the festivities of Epiphany.

A November afternoon at the church of S.Anna (11th century).
Left: the town of Careno shrouded by the shadow of the mountains.

A suggestive view of Pognana illuminated at night, on the opposite shore.

Brienno, Argegno and Pigra.

Flowers and hay-barns along the path that leads to Pian d’Erba.

View of Brienno with its cragged coastline seen from mount Comana and mount Crocione.