For an inhabitant of Como who lives in the city, the coast which goes up from Varenna to Colico is the furthest and most unfamiliar part of the lake. Dorio carries on its simple existence under the shadow of the abbey of Piona and under the sunlight of the windy north-western shore, the custodian of a history which spans a thousand years. In the same manner as Corenno Plinio, Dervio and Colonno, legend has it that even Dorio was once a Greek colony of Julius Ceasar. It was then ruled by Bellano, by the Tre Pievi (Gravedona, Dongo and Sorico), by Como in 1449, and lastly it was part of the Milan diocese.

The "Sentiero del Viandante" (Wayfarer's Path) towards the church of San Rocco.

In the afternoon, the long beach of Dorio sparkles with a thousand hues.

A 120 km bike ride from Como to Dorio and back, with a stopover in Corenno Plinio, and a ferry trip between Menaggio and Varenna: A travel experience for authentic aficionados. Travelling by bike offers a unique opportunity to get to know the territory.

Orchards and tomatoes surround the belltower of Saint George.

Amidst the narrow and solitary alleys of the old town center.