A magic place: the medieval Civera Bridge and the entrance of the ravine.

Christmas lights.

To reach the shore (only accessible by foot) you have to descend almost 350 steps.

The bay of Coatesa.

The bridge of Riva di Castello.

A stretch of the green, tortuous road that runs from Como to Bellagio near Nesso. This shore has different characteristics compared to the more trafficked western shore.

Navigation towards Nesso.

The Castle of Nesso, which features three small towers decorated with flat-top merlons, served as a control point over lake traffic in medieval times. It became popular thanks to Bazzoni’s novel, The falcon of the Ravine, which recalls legendary historical events during the war between Giacomo Medici (also known as the Medeghino, squire of Musso) and the Dukedom of Milan. A salvo of cannon used to be fired at the passage of one of the first steamships over the lake (launched in 1843 and named after the novel Falcon of the Ravine (Falco della Rupe), to which the ship punctually responded with a steam whistle blast.