Acquaseria (San Siro)

From a geographical standpoint, the upper part of the lake begins between Rezzonico and Cremia, beyond the rocky spur of San Nicolao. However, from a cultural perspective, the upper part of the lake begins right after Menaggio, where a succession of celebrated villas of the southern Lario ends and where the coast becomes more solitary and windblown. The Gaeta, built circa 1920 in an eclectic style with medieval and Liberty style patterns, may be considered the last monumental villa. Designed by the firm of Gino and Adolfo Coppedè on behalf of industrialists Ambrosoli, today it is divided into apartments. Its twin, Palazzo Cova, is located in Milan in front of S. Ambrose and designed following the designs of the same architects, Coppedè.

Villa La Gaeta and Villa Camilla.

The shore of La Gaeta.

Stopover during a motorbike tour. The craggy mountains of the Valtellina area can be seen in the background.

The Regina road and the picturesque hamlet of Rezzonico.

The pier of Acquaseria and Rezzonico.

The tunnel of the cycle lane Nobiallo-Acquaseria.