The last steamships

The twin steamships Concordia (formerly named 28 ottobre) and Patria (formerly named Savoia) are all that remains of the great paddle steamers which once sailed the lake. These boats were built in 1926 in the Genoa/Sestri shipyard, the same that built the Rex and the Andrea Doria back in the golden age of “Made in Italy”. They represent a wonderful piece of history of the Lario territory, lovingly cared for by the shipping personnel. In 1927, the Patria hosted King Vittorio Emanuele III. During World War II, both steamboats were repeatedly attacked by the Anglo-American aircraft. On January 27, 1945, five passengers of the Patria were killed and many others were wounded. Nowadays sailing aboard these old boats is the best way to experience Lario, in a completely singular way. The Concordia is a liner ferry which runs every Sunday during the spring and summer. After 20 years of shameful neglect, the Patria has been refurbished, preserving its original characteristics, and is used solely for tourist excursions, but today it is still out of use.